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A granite hearth and fireplace

Finest quality Italian slate hearths

Your hearth is an essential part of your fire. Slate has a matt surface, unlike marble and granite which are often polished. Slate is softer than marble and granite too, making it ideal as a hearth. Gett he hearth your home deserves from MA Granite in Hertford.

A granite fireplace and surround

What type of fire will you have?

When choosing your new slate hearth you need to first choose the type of fire you want: a log or multi-fuel burner will be encased above it, while an open fire will be on the slate and expose the slate to more extreme heat.

For an enclosed fire such a log or multi-fuel burner a single piece of slate will suffice, providing it has room to expand. An open fire needs to have a sectioned slate hearth, which comes in three or four pieces allowing for rapid expansion as the slate heats up. When we measure the space for your hearth and fix it in place, MA Granite, in Hertford, will take this additional space into account to give you the best fitting possible.

A riven stone fireplace surround

Honed and riven slate

There are two major varieties of slate. Honed slate has a semi-smooth matt surface with a uniform texture, while riven slate has a texture surface a little like wood grain. Riven slate is ideal for heavy use as scratches will barely be noticeable.

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